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NFPA Hood Cleaning

Hot Water Pressure Washers we Use in Chicago in Restaurants

Hot Water Pressure Washers

This pressure washer is created for use on worksites, farming fleets, paint prep locations, and industrial job sites. We find it to be the best for hood cleaning services. While it isn’t meant for house use, it still has a great deal of functions.

Water Cannon is the # 1 name for hot water pressure washers and industrial power washers. In fact, Water Cannon’s name stemmed from “Hot Cannons”.

Does a Warm Water Pressure Washer Cost More?

Well, the short answer is YES.  The unit has to be built to handle extremely hot water. And you have to have diesel burner to get the water to high temperatures.

Security precedes with this pressure washer. The trigger gun assists you identify when it’s absolutely switched off, giving you assurance. You can also lock the trigger to prevent unintentional sprays. Last but not least, it automatically shuts down when it discovers electrical ground failure.

Still, hot water pressure washers easily pay for themselves in labor expense savings by providing a much faster, more efficient pressure cleansing method. And because the water is pushed through the device at such a powerful rate, less cleaning agent is needed, which conserves you a lot more money


Our roundup of the 7 finest on the market will surely match you with one that will serve you and your projects for a long period of time.

Choose your own PSI with the adjustable pressure gauge. This is ideal given that different surface areas need a various PSI. For example, you may desire a various PSI when washing a hood versus a driveway.

We’re not just in Chicago. We also offering hood cleaning in: Mount Pleasant, Hyde Park, Lincoln Park, Cicero, Maplewood, Brookline, Austin, Glenn, Oak Park, Berwyn.

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