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NFPA 96 Standards Hood Cleaning
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Rooftop Grease Containment


Grease from the exhaust fan is responsible for 80% of roof damage in commercial kitchens.

The exhaust fan for commercial kitchens is used to capture grease and other particles in the air. They must go somewhere, and that is to the roof-top.

Rubber is the most common material used for roofs and rooftops. This allows the roof – roof to expand and contract in response to temperature changes. Rooftop grease containment systems are designed to prevent grease from spilting over onto the roof. It is possible for the grease to’spill over overflow’ onto the roof in as little time as two weeks. A hood cleaning will not be sufficient to save it. Acidic grease can build up on the roof’s roof top, causing it to deteriorate the rubber, which will cause it to crack.

This could cause roof damage that can be severe and costly to repair. Another issue is environmental. The grease could get on the roof, and then rainstorms in can bring the grease down onto your restaurant – structure or building. This can leave a stain. It can also travel the natural route to the drain storm. It can block sewer lines and cause sewer fires. The fines and cleanup costs could run into the thousands if it’s proven that the grease was from your “commercial kitchen, restaurant, or kitchen”.

What is a roof grease containment system in

Rooftop grease containment systems are designed to catch grease that has been sucked up through your exhaust system. The National Fire Protection Association – NFPA fire Code – Standard 96 requires that all commercial kitchens have one.

There are many options for these containment systems. They come in many sizes, shapes and forms. It is important to talk with a company who understands your equipment. These containment systems are designed to catch grease and prevent it spilling over-overflowing’ onto your roof – rooftop. Grease on your roof can cause damage to the roof, as well as fire hazards.

Rooftop grease containment systems are equipped with hydrophobic pads, which shed water and keep the grease controlled – confined – restricted – contained. A grease box would only contain the grease. Rain could mix with it and cause an overflow.

Grease is extremely acidic and can cause roof material to ‘wear away – weardown – eat away – erode’ almost instantly. If not detected quickly, this could cause costly repairs.

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We take our job seriously. We can clean your exhaust system or help with roof grease containment. As a business owner/manager we are committed not only to your safety but also to your employees’ safety and that of your clients.

At Chicago Hood Cleaning Pros, our team of highly trained techs use only the best degreasers available that are environmentally friendly, and FDA approved.  For hood cleaning they comply not only with local regulations but adhere to the National Fire Protection Association Standard 96.

Rooftop Grease Containment
Rooftop Grease Containment
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