NFPA 96 Standards Hood Cleaning


Our Team will respond quickly to your request. If you’re in the Chicago area, we can call you back and possibly come out the same day to inspect and quote.

NFPA 96 Standards Hood Cleaning
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Chicago Hood Cleaning Pros is the #1 kitchen exhaust cleaning company in the greater Chicago area. 


We cover all of the counties including: 

  • Cook County
  • Kane County
  • McHenry County
  • DuPage County
  • Lake County
  • Will County

We also cover the following cities: 

  • River Forest
  • Forest Park Oak Park
  • Cicero
  • Berwyn
  • Elmwood Park
  • Lyons
  • Lincolnwood
  • And more. 

Give us a call at (773) 207-4344 to see if we service your area as well.

We are a full-service company that cleans hoods in commercial kitchens.  We can also do minor repairs as well as replace may parts that may be missing or damaged.  Our technicians have been instructed to the NFPA-96 code and understand the state and local requirements in hood cleaning as well. 

We clean commercial exhaust systems in just about any commercial kitchen including:

  • Senior Care Buildings
  • Restaurants 
  • Trucks That Serve Food
  • Sports Bars
  • Chain Restaurants like McDonalds
  • Hotels That Have a Commercial Kitchen
  • Churches

We also offer other services:

  • Replace or Repair Access Hinges
  • Using a Pressure Washer
  • Removing Grease Buildup on the Rooftop
  • Minor Repairs to the Fan 
  • Minor Repairs to the Turbine

When we come out to give you a free estimate, our technician will also do a brief inspection and give recommendations on big repairs if needed.  Don’t wait, call us at (773) 207-4344.


Having your hood cleaned should always be on the top of your mind.  If the hood is not properly cleaned, it will accumulate grease and other particles that are in the air.  First and foremost, the filters should be cleaned frequently.  This can be done by your employees simply by putting them in the dishwasher periodically.  

However, employees are not trained to clean the vents, fans and turbine.  This should be done by a professional hood cleaner.  They have all of the proper equipment and environmentally safe chemicals to do a thorough cleaning.  You don’t want the responsibility of storing chemicals at your restaurant as well.  

When we send out a team of technicians, they will put up plastic sheeting to protect your commercial kitchen equipment.  They remove the filters and douse them with grease remover.  They then douse the vent, fan and turbine with degreaser and let it sit for a bit.  They will then use a pressure washer to remove the degreaser as well as the grease it has broken down and the water will end up in a garbage can.  This will be disposed of properly, so you don’t need to worry about that.  

Once the hood is cleaned, they will take stainless steel polish and buff your hood, so it looks practically new.  There is a sticker that they place on the hood that has our company name, Chicago Hood Cleaning Pros, the date it was cleaned and the next date it should be cleaned.  Most of our customers have a standing date on our calendar to clean their hoods.  They will leave you with pictures that were taken before and after your cleaning so you can share them with your insurance company and/or the Fire Marshal.  

So, if you want to find a great hood cleaning company look no further.  Chicago Hood Cleaning Pros is the company for you.  Give us a call at (773) 207-4344 today to schedule a free inspection and quote.


There are many hoods out there that have different shapes and sizes.  When we come out to inspect and give you a quote, we need to take that into consideration.  We will also ask when the hood was last cleaned.  If you are interested in having a hood cleaning done on a schedule, we may charge more for the initial cleaning then reduce the price for subsequent hood cleanings.

Our base price is $350 per hood.  Many restaurants have multiple hoods so this is a good starting point to figure the cost.  But, you can’t get an accurate price until we do an onsite overview of your commercial kitchen exhaust system.


We cover all of Chicago and the surrounding 6-county region.

We are up to date on all of our insurance policies and we are licensed.

Our customer satisfaction must be 100% or we will come back.

Our team of professional hood cleaners live in your community.  They know the importance of making sure you are 100% happy with the hood cleaning job they have done.  Keep in mind they will only eat in restaurants they know have a clean hood as well as a clean kitchen.  Don’t delay, call us at (773) 207-4344.

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