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You might need a hood cleaning in response to a Chicago Fire Marshal’s request. Or you might have a request from your insurance provider to prove that you’re getting your restaurant hood cleaning regularly. Or you might simply find that it’s time to replace a hood cleaning company that’s not meeting your needs. In any case – we’d like to earn your business and make sure that your restaurant kitchen is being taken care of.

NFPA 96 Standards Hood Cleaning


Our Team will respond quickly to your request. If you’re in the Chicago area, we can call you back and possibly come out the same day to inspect and quote.

NFPA 96 Standards Hood Cleaning
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Chicago Hood Cleaning Pros has engineers that are 100% Trained to follow the NFPA 96 standards for Hood Cleaning in Chicago. 

Your kitchen exhaust system can become a fire hazard if it isn’t cleaned regularly. Grease is responsible for approximately one third of all Chicago restaurant fires.

As a Chicago restaurant owner, you may have tried to save money by hiring a cheap hood cleaner or a polisher. This causes the hood to only be cleaned where it is visible. The most important ductwork between the roof and hood is left unclean, which can lead to a buildup of grease and charcoal over time. This is when a flame leaps from the stove and causes an extremely dangerous situation. A flame could ignite the thick grease buildup in the ductwork and cause an immediate firestorm due to the high concentration of flammable materials that are found within the kitchen exhaust system. Although you may believe you are saving money using a cheap cleaner and hood polisher you could end up in a costly lawsuit for your negligence.

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Professional Hood Cleaners will remove all panels from the bottom of your Hood, then climb up onto the roof to remove the roof top. This is the most important step that many hood cleaners overlook. The assembly is then cleaned with a degreasing agent or soaked in it. Finally, hot steaming hot water is used to pressure wash the entire thing with hot steaming water.

Your Chicago kitchen exhaust system must now be completely cleaned. Chicago Hood Cleaning Pros follows this method of cleaning. It is important to scrape along with steam cleaning or pressure washing. According to NFPA standard 96 (National Fire Protection Association), steam cleaning can effectively clean ductwork down to the bare metal. For the moment, that eliminates all fire risk in your kitchen Exhaust system.

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Chicago

How often do you need to clean your kitchen exhaust and hood? Restaurants typically schedule cleanings every three to six months. This eliminates any buildup from heavy cooking and reduces 80% of fire danger in your kitchen exhaust systems. A lot of wood-burning stoves, charcoal stoves and stoves are subject to heavy use. It is possible that they will need to be cleaned every 30 days. If you consider the cost of repair after a kitchen fire, a quick cleaning can be a bargain.

Chicago Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Every restaurant should have their kitchen exhaust cleaned at least once every 30 days. It all depends on how many greasy foods you eat and how much oil is being released into your air.

The oil should be vented through the ductwork’s hood and out through a fan. If you don’t clean and maintain your ductwork properly, grease and charcoal can build up over time and cause a fire hazard.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning in Chicago

You must clean the exhaust hood of a restaurant by going in and scraping it completely.

Next, use a food safe degreaser to clean up the grease. Hot water should be used to wash the exhaust system. This will remove all grease and oil and make it bare metal. To completely eliminate all grease and charcoal buildup, hot water pressure washing is the best option. The machines use boiling water to first, then the 2000 PSI water pressure.

We cover all kitchen equipment with heavy-duty plastic to protect it from the washing machine.

What happens when you clean a commercial kitchen hood? We will protect your kitchenware and utilities when you arrive at your restaurant after hours.

Next, we climb up onto the roof to inspect the fan and vents. Next, we will remove the fan from the roof and check for any obstructions with a flashlight. Then we will spray the entire ductwork with degreasing agents using a standard air pressure sprayer. This allows the grease to be easily removed and broken down without needing to scrape. The fan’s interior is sprayed. We will then pressure wash the fan, as well as any orifices, with steam water. We spray all grease and oil from the ductwork, starting at the roof, to the hood below.

Chicago Vent Cleaning

Next, we will spray the entire ductwork using a standard sprayer. It is heated and pressurized. This allows the grease to easily be removed and broken down without needing to scrape. Then, we spray the entire inside of the fan with our cleaning solution. The fan, shell, and orifices are then pressure washed with steaming water. We spray all grease and oil from the ductwork, starting at the roof, to the hood below.

The next step is to scrape out any remaining chunks, then spray down again to thoroughly rinse the residue and degreaser.

Professional Hood Cleaning

Next, we will go to the kitchen and steam pressure wash the interior of the hood. We also scrape out any debris that has built up in the grooves and crevices. While your hood filters soak in degreaser, we completely clean them of all grease and charcoal. After we’re done, they get a polished appearance.

After removing the protective plastic, we wipe down your vent completely in stainless steel. Your hood will look professional and last longer.

Finally, we install all hood filters correctly and inspect the whole kitchen for any potential problems. We also add your commercial kitchen cleaning inspection certificate.

Chicago Hood Cleaning Pros

Chicago Hood Cleaning Pros makes it easy to cook every day, without interrupting your services and without causing you to lose revenue.

Grease buildup can be a serious problem if it isn’t addressed. Our team of grease-removal experts can help quickly.

We have the solution for you, whether you’re a restaurant manager or owner, or if you own a restaurant, bar, or other commercial cooking business.

With our grease removal services, you can always work safely. We have you covered. No more grease trap overflows, no more blocked drains or exhaust hood grease buildup. We can also help with your cooking oil, and ensure that your fire suppression system is always ready for action.

We want to keep your business running smoothly. All commercial and industrial kitchens around Chicago are supported by us. We will take care of your cooking equipment. We take a lot off your shoulders so you can focus on what you do best, which is serving delicious food to hungry customers.

Best Grease Trap Cleaning Service Chicago, Illinois

We provide top-quality grease trap cleaning, pumping, general maintenance, and other services to local restaurants and foodservice companies. We are available for maintenance contracts if you need them regularly and love our services.

It is important to choose wisely your service provider in order for you to achieve lasting results. This is a serious matter and you don’t want to have your business shut down temporarily due to grease trap issues.

We are the best grease trap cleaning company in Illinois. We are grease cleaning experts and will go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied.

We offer peace of mind, which is priceless. It can be stressful to run a food business. You want to be able focus on the important things at all times and not worry about small details. Our company specializes in commercial kitchen maintenance.

For all of your grease disposal or removal needs, contact us and we will exceed your expectations. It is not enough to have a fat trap. You need the right team. Our team works in the background without interrupting your business. We will empty your grease tank quickly and leave your grease trap spotless.

Grease Remover for Restaurants in Chicago Metro Area and Illinois 

We have decades of experience and a team made up of highly qualified grease removal technicians. We are confident we can provide the best service possible, even in an emergency.

We will respond to your call promptly. If necessary, one of our staff members will be dispatched to your location to inspect the area and make a diagnosis. We will immediately remove any grease that has accumulated. Our employees are well-equipped with the most up-to-date technology and the best professional grease removers on the market.

Our experience has been gained through hundreds of years working with local food and beverage businesses. They will do their work meticulously and clean all areas. They are experienced grease removers who know all the nuances of the business. They can cover every type of grease trap and exhaust.

Grease Management, Removal, and Maintenance

It’s better to prevent last-minute emergencies. The best way to avoid them is to sign up to a regular maintenance program where we will regularly inspect and clean your installations.

Our staff is highly trained and performs the job efficiently and in the most professional manner. Respecting the environment and the law means we won’t dump your waste anywhere, and we will follow all regulations. We are committed to ensuring that your operations run smoothly by adhering to all applicable laws.

Professional advice will be given on how to maintain your grease trap. We also keep detailed service records to ensure that both you and we know exactly what was done. All materials will be recycled or disposed of safely.

We are familiar with what you should expect from inspections. Once our cleaning crew has finished with the grease and fat removal from your kitchen, your inspections will be passed. We are here to help you! We won’t let you down, and we are flexible enough to fit your needs. Give us a call, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Prices for Grease Removal in Chicago, Illinois

Our prices are some of the lowest in the region. Our fees are low enough that our services can be afforded by most Chicago restaurants and other cooking establishments. We will provide high-quality service, even though our prices are low.

Book a consultation with one our grease removal specialists to discover all the amazing things we can do in your kitchen. We will make you wonder why we didn’t come to your rescue sooner!

Call us at (773) 207-4344 to book your next hood cleaning appointment. You can also email us or complete the inquiry form on the right-hand corner of our website. All your questions will be answered by our operators.

We Provide You with the Proof You Need with a Hood Cleaning Service Certification Sticker and Digital Pictures for your Chicago Fire Marshal

Our professionals will take before and after digital images for your records when you use us. We’ll also put a sticker on the hood with our name on it and the date it was cleaned. As a result, many commercial kitchen owners/managers have noticed a reduction in their insurance premiums. It’ll also come in handy if a Chicago Fire Inspector or a Health Inspector shows up for one of their “surprise” visits.

Contact us today to schedule your hood cleaning service and you will see why our clients in and around Chicago love us.

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