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Rooftop Grease Contained: Is It Required?

Chicago Hood Cleaning ProsWhat are rooftop grease containment and how important are these systems? To put it simply, a roof solutions grease guard must be installed to insure that NFPA codes are adhered to. They are crucial to the safety of commercial kitchens.

Insurance companies, commercial cooking lease agreements and roof warranties may require you to have rooftop grease containment systems. You will need one to be in compliance with the law and your insurance company.

Continue reading to learn about the importance and benefits of rooftop grease containment system.

What are Rooftop Grease Containment systems?

What is rooftop grease containment technology?

Rooftop grease containment systems essentially consist of a unit with filters. Filters are used to capture and absorb excess grease while still allowing for water to pass through the filters. Filters should be changed when they become worn or stained. Rooftop grease containment systems should also be regularly inspected.

Rooftop grease containment systems, like most commercial kitchens, are located on the roof. As such they can become clogged easily by excessive rainwater.

Rooftop Grease Containment Equipment Benefitsrooftop hinge kit

Because of their essential nature, rooftop grease containment systems can benefit commercial kitchens in many ways.

Rooftop grease containment system are designed to protect against grease build-up. There are many different types of grease-containment systems that can be used to prevent kitchen fires.

There are many significant benefits to rooftop grease containment systems made of high-quality grease.

  • Make sure your commercial kitchen is compliant with all laws.
  • Minimize the risk of kitchen fires
  • Keep grease off your roof.
  • Roof damage prevention
  • Improved kitchen functionality.
  • You must ensure that your roof meets both insurance and warranty requirements.

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Chicago Hood Cleaning Pros offers reliable rooftop grease containment and maintenance services. Get in touch today.

Chicago Hood Cleaning Pros specializes exclusively in commercial kitchen maintenance. Our professionals are experts in making sure your kitchen meets industry standards, safety, and functions well so that you have a productive space.

We understand the importance of kitchen maintenance and upkeep in your commercial kitchen’s safety, functionality, and safety for your staff. Do not let grease accumulate in your commercial kitchen. This will cause your productivity and functionality to drop. Instead, purchase the high-quality rooftop grease containment systems that you require and ensure that all areas of your kitchen are safe.

Chicago Hood Cleaning Pros would be pleased to assist you with your rooftop grease containment needs.  Our number is 773-207-4344.

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