Casa Roma Kitchen Nightmare F4

Casa Roma Kitchen Nightmares

Casa Roma Kitchen Nightmare 12Gordon visits Casa Roma Lancaster, California. It is the oldest restaurant within the city. What happened to this restaurant? Gordon was able save it in the nick of time. We own a commercial kitchen hood cleaning business and have had our share of kitchen problems. These are the stories of hood cleaning professionals.

Casa Roma Kitchen Nightmares Recap

They bought the failing restaurant to make it more profitable. Their lack of experience led to them being unable to manage the restaurant’s bar, which is packed with patrons. The dine-in restaurant has no customers.

Gordon is welcomed by the owners. He finds the bar empty and busy, but the restaurant empty. Gordon sits down and reads the menu. He orders food and finds bits of food and tissue in the back of the booth.

It takes a while before the food is delivered. Gordon notices dirt on the blinds even though they are cleaned by a cleaner. Eric defends Gordon’s criticisms of his food. He blames his poor day for the poor quality of the food.

Eric does not pay attention to Drew as sous chef, which leads to long wait times and a lack of cooperation. Gordon notices how often food is being returned to the cook’s kitchen as uncooked and he gets angry and shuts down the restaurant.

Gordon examines the walk in and finds moldy food, defrosted meats, and 3-month old ribs. He applies a blue UV-light to the bathrooms, where he finds that they are in an extremely disgusting condition. There are bodily fluids everywhere, including on the ceiling, walls, floor, and floors.

Drew and Gordon face the challenge of making a fresh pizza. Gordon will cook them a frozen pizza. Drew makes Nylah love fresh pizza. The cooked frozen pizza tastes almost the same as their old pizza.Casa Roma Kitchen Nightmare 11

One day is spent renovating the restaurant, both inside and outside. Also, the filthy floor is removed. Nyla and the rest of the staff were genuinely surprised and thrilled to see Casa Roma’s new pizzeria.

Gordon organizes a competition for pizza eaters to celebrate Casa Roma’s 50th Anniversary and introduce the pizzeria as the new one in town.

Customers arrive at the restaurant every night on the relaunch day. Drew is being assisted in the kitchen by Jimmy, Nylah’s son. Gordon is frustrated that one table has to return food twice because it is undercooked. Calzone’s cake that Jimmy bakes is so big, Gordon requests him to trim down. Drew is under great pressure and the kitchen gets jammed up. Drew takes a rest to regroup before taking over control of the kitchen. Orders are being fulfilled much quicker now. Customers love the food. Gordon tells them he is happy about the turnaround and urges them to continue their good work.

Drew finally steps in, and the food leaves soon. Customers are impressed with the result and the relaunch was successful.

Revisiting Casa Roma

Gordon is back in Casa Roma, Lancaster a year after the relaunch. Chef Drew isn’t there anymore. Gordon is surprised that Q (Chef in Sebastian’s restaurant Gordon relaunched) is not there anymore. Gordon has a conversation with Q about Sebastian’s. Q tells Gordon that Sebastian’s owner disappeared one night. Gordon makes sure the walk-in freezer and kitchen are clean.

Casa Roma was renamed CR Roadhouse in the middle of 2015, and all staff members were employed here after Nico’s closed. They also changed again the menu.

Casa Roma will be closing for good on July 1st. It is going be a very sad and difficult month. But it’s inevitable.

The Comment Section

Here is a list of social media comments that were made about Casa Roma.

“Because many bars in residential areas cannot be profitable, particularly when they serve inedible meals. I also suspect that it wasn’t urine on ceiling exposed to black light. It makes it all the more disgusting. Maybe this is how Eric the lazy Chef made his “special Sauce.”

“Dirty Kitchen Dining Room Toilet is just a sign that the owner does not care anymore in GR word… WAKE UP!”

“We were able to visit a couple of times right after Gordon performed his magic. Everything was excellent. We haven’t been back in years and don’t really know what it feels like.

“Often I feel that they just Ramsay spend on makeover the restaurants+advertisings. You can see that they respect him. His restaurants are still available and some of his closed !!!!!”.

Casa Roma Kitchen Nightmare 10“The history and culture of this place were so bizarre. No reason to change the menu back from the original after the revisited episodes. Nylah did not like the original meal, so she rebranded and pretty much recreated Ramsay’s changes. Then, when the original changes failed, Nylah made a new one and rebranded the restaurant to make it appear like a new place. They could have saved so many time, money and effort by simply staying the course. Q is the only person that I feel bad for. He was able to go from one nightmare after another, even though he shouldn’t have known that Sebastian wasn’t using him as a negative influence.

They earn less than 100 bucks per night, and their rapid-fire approach to chefs has left them in search of a good one. They have employed and fired more than 20 chefs in the span of two-years.

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