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Restaurant Hood Cleaning ChicagoCommercial kitchen managers or supervisors need to be aware of all requirements regarding commercial kitchen hoods in order to ensure safe operation.

Neglecting maintenance on restaurant kitchens and their requirements can lead to expensive repairs, costly fees, and potentially dangerous working conditions.

Continue reading to learn about commercial restaurant hood systems and maintenance. Chicago Hood Cleaning Pros is available to help you schedule an appointment for our team to inspect your restaurant hood system.

What is a Restaurant Hood System, and how can it help you?

Let’s first define a restaurant hood system.

A restaurant hood system is used to heat and extract grease from your commercial cooking area. It is an essential ventilation system for your commercial kitchen.

It allows for adequate airflow throughout your commercial kitchen. This keeps your environment clean and fresh.

Parts of a Restaurant Hood System

The following components are usually found in a restaurant hood:

  1. Exhaust fan
  2. Exhaust hood
  3. Control panel (where the ventilation system can be tailored to your specific needs at any given time)
  4. Pollution control units (made for controlling grease and kitchen smells)
  5. Rooftop units
  6. Grease duct
  7. Grease trap-pan/cup

Types and Types of Kitchen Fan Systems

There are many restaurant hood system options that you could choose from. Some examples of restaurant hood options include:

  1. Ceiling mount hood system
  2. Below the cabinet hoods systems
  3. Downdraft hood systems
  4. Wall-mounted range hood system
  5. Ducted restaurant hood system
  6. Recirculating restaurant hood systems

Restaurant Hoods Routine MaintenanceCommercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

It is important that your restaurant hoods be regularly inspected. You can reduce risks and create a better work environment for employees.

The following are some of the maintenance tasks that should be performed in a commercial kitchen:

Regularly changing the hood filter (this should happen every one to three month depending on how frequently you use your kitchen).

Inspection and professional cleaning

Routine inspections are required to check that your restaurant hood system is functional.

Cleaning your Commercial Kitchen Hood is Important

Why is it important for commercial kitchen hood systems to be maintained and cleaned regularly?

You should clean your commercial kitchen’s hood regularly for these reasons:

This will reduce the possibility of cooking fires.

  1. A clean commercial kitchen fan creates a healthier environment.
  2. It is possible to reduce slip and fall accidents by regularly cleaning and maintaining restaurant hood systems.
  3. The NFPA mandates that commercial kitchens have their exhaust hood systems cleaned annually by a professional. Restaurant owners can face severe fines or even closure if they don’t follow this directive.
  4. A clean commercial kitchen hood system makes it more productive and efficient.

Commercial Kitchen ChicagoCommercial Hood Installation Cost

Cost of installing range hoods will depend on the type and size you order.

The average cost of commercial hood installation is around $1,000 per square footage. You could expect to pay around $15,000. For instance, a 15-foot range hood would cost about $1,000 per square foot.

Many commercial hood installation services will provide an estimate for the cost of your installation. If requested, don’t hesitate reaching out to potential contractors.

Best Restaurant Hood Systems

One of the most popular restaurant hoods is:

  1. PLJW 185: Under-cabinet systems
  2. PLFW 520 (wall-mounted)
  3. PLJI 103 – Kitchen island system
  4. PLFI 755.60 (kitchen island system)
  5. ProSW.60 (wall-mounted system)

There are many options available depending on how large you need the range hood. Range hoods can be found in sizes between 30-inch- and 60 inch.

How Often Should My Restaurant Hood System Be Cleaned?

It is a good rule of thumb to have your commercial kitchen’s hood system inspected and cleaned every three months.

Some exceptions to the three month cleaning rule include:

  1. If you have charcoal or wood stoves in your commercial kitchen. In such cases, they should be cleaned each month.
  2. If you are a restaurant owner, It is important to have your restaurant hood system cleaned at least once a month.

There are likely to be exceptions to the three month rule. To find out if your kitchen is exempt, contact a professional hood cleaning company.

Always remember that it is better to be safe and avoid a fire or any other harm. Chicago Hood Cleaning Pros has the experts to answer your questions if you have any doubts.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Service in Illinois

Chicago Hood Cleaning Pros is the right choice for you if you are a restaurant owner or manager in Chicago

Chicago Hood Cleaning Pros restaurant hood cleaners are hard at work to make commercial kitchens safer, more efficient, and more productive for years.. We understand how important it is for a restaurant hood system to be clean and well maintained. For the past 40 years, we have been dedicated to making this happen.

Our restaurant hood system cleaners include a dedicated, hardworking, meticulously trained, passionate group who would love to contribute their knowledge to your kitchen.

Chicago Hood Cleaning Pros offers a variety of restaurant hood cleaning. We can also arrange for a team to visit your commercial cooking area.

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